Neuro Rocking Release Therapy™

NRRT™ is a form of gentle body work consisting of bilateral stimulation of the brain which resets the central nervous system (CNS) by balancing the responses of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems (P-SNS) and it is inspired by years of clinical experience and observation, modern neuroscience, Gestalt psychotherapy and ancient Japanese and Indian bodywork techniques known to sooth the nervous system.

Neuro Rocking Release Therapy

Brain activation via bilateral movement stimulation is not new. Many of us are aware of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy which was initially developed for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Bilateral brain stimulation is all about rhythm and oscillation, contraction-expansion, left-right, yin-yang, logical-creative and any other dualities one can think of. NRRT™ strengthens the neuropathways and bridges between the left brain and the right brain and it promotes a sense of wellbeing and peace within. Life seems much more enjoyable when we approach our days from a place of calm and acceptance.


Some other common activities that have a similar effect are walking, jogging, playing and listening to music, swimming… With NRRT™ and because it is a body-work modality, the receiver also gets to actively practice trust, receiving, allowing, letting go of the need to control and finally surrendering.


Why is this important? Because in the stressed modern societies, the collective aim is to push, achieve, get, chase, hassle, control and we live in a chronic state of urgency. Very rarely do we get a moment or make time to soften up our bodies and minds, to surrender, to breathe, to reflect on trust, gratitude, conflict, and other important pillars of our holistic wellbeing.

what are the benefits of NRRT™?

Cardiovascular: Rocking lowers the heart rate and blood pressure; it stimulates the blood circulation and spreads warmth throughout the body.

Immune: Rocking stimulates the lymphatic system aiding with the elimination of debris from the chemical processes and toxins from food, water, substances and drugs. The lymphatic system, unlike the cardiovascular system, does not have a pump; it relays on the movement of the body to flow freely and avoid stagnation of fluids such as oedema around the joints, especially in the lower limbs.
A free-flowing lymphatic system fights efficiently against invasions from external pathogenic factors (EPF) and “ingrown” imbalances resulting from strong emotions, unresolved trauma, negative and limiting mindsets and poor habits.

Nervous: Rocking has a profound effect on the human nervous system and science proves that humans are wired to respond to rocking. It helps our development in the early years of life and it soothes the nervous system. Rocking reduces the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) overload (fight/flight/freeze mode) which has become a pandemic and a chronic state of being among the citizens of modern societies. People are angry, anxious, snappy, frustrated, unsatisfied, over-emotional or under-emotional (freeze mode), relationships do not last longer than a few months, parents and children cut ties, the suicide rate is the highest it has ever been, high rates of infertility too, there are school shootings, acid attacks, social media bullying… you mane it.

The SNS relays in the amygdala in the centre of the brain, adjacent to the hippocampus (responsible for memory forming too). The amygdala activates in the face of perceived danger or threat and is the chief in the processing of emotions and memories associated with fear. The amygdala is overactive and dysregulated in cases of PTSD, triggering inappropriate responses such as aggression, withdrawal, fight, freeze, fly. Also, loss of appetite or over-eating, feeling stuck in life, hypersensitivity.

The PNS – the relaxation system – is activated by rocking and it sends signals of safety, comfort, calm, wellbeing, relaxation by the release of certain hormones such as serotonin (the mood stabiliser), dopamine (the reward chemical), oxytocin (the love hormone and endorphins (the pain killer) which are involved in many essential processes like heart rate and digestion as well as mood regulation. In a regulated nervous system, the endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, digestive, urinary, reproductive, skeletal and lymphatic systems function smoothly and one feels content. Most chronic pain cases have a strong psycho-emotional component and a dysregulation of the nervous system.

what inspired me to developing this modality of healing?

Over my years of clinical practice and self-experience and especially after my recent acupuncture studies, I have come to the conclusion that it is all about the nervous system. Sustained physical and emotional pain has the root in the nervous system, in the organs it innervates, in the cells it gives the spark of life to.

Having experienced brief moments of rocking therapy as part of massage during my training in the Sensitive Gestalt Massage in 2005, I could not help but incorporating bits here and there in my other treatments too and I have found that the benefits for the receiver are profound. So much so that I decided to develop it as a healing modality in its own right.

who is it for?

NRRT can be applied on its own or as part of another treatment, be it talking therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation, speech therapy…. It can be an excellent addition to any form of therapy as it gets the receiver ready and open for healing in whatever modality it presents. This is why I am teaching this technique to other professionals, starting December 2022 at the Northern College of Acupuncture where I qualified.

what to expect from a NRRT™ session?

The initial appointment is of an hour and it includes assessment and treatment. The assessment consists of a questionnaire and scoring so that we can compare scores after the first and subsequent treatments so that you can see the positive progress achieved. ​You are advised to bring loose clothing and not to have had a copious meal beforehand.

How Much?

Would you like to become a certified NRRT™ therapist?

Read the course description here.


Do not hesitate to contact me and show your interest. Each course runs as soon as we have enough people. To be added to the waiting list, Contact Us!

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What our visitors Say

Linda MacFarlane
Linda MacFarlane
Ana is not only an absolute massage guru, but she has a beautiful and welcoming presence. One of the best massages I've had. She's so knowledgeable, and thorough, explaining what my issue was, and working to alleviate some of my pain. I'll most definitely be back again soon. Thanks Ana! 😊
Martin Simpson
Martin Simpson
There is no doubt Ana has some magic in her hands. I have had a few muscle and nerve issues, Ana takes her time to really understand your problems and find the most appropriate treatment to get you back to full health. You can tell Ana really cares about her clients wellbeing and their healing. I trust her and that is an important thing for me.
Jie Rao
Jie Rao
Ana is so good at acupuncture and she helped me survived with my study life. I was born in a city where acupuncture and herbal medicine are the common practice when people get sick. I know it is effective and has minimum side effects towards health. So I tried with Ana and it turned out that Ana is really good! She cared about all my symptoms, which gone fast after the treatment. On top of that, she explains and communicates very well, which is rare to see. It was luck for me to have her!
Steve Page
Steve Page
I hurt my hip lifting logs. After two weeks the pain was showing no sign of reducing and was getting me down. I was able to book a session with Ana within a few days. Ana took a thorough history and then proceeded with acupuncture treatment. After the first session the pain reduced significantly and with two further sessions it is now almost gone. Ana was kind, informative and professional throughout. I recommend Ana very highly.
Isha Fois
Isha Fois
Ana’s session was really beautiful. Ana made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The rocking movement brought a lot of harmony and positive childhood memories came to me. I felt very well and energised after the session. Really recommended for rebalancing and coming back to yourself.
Sophie Lane
Sophie Lane
Probably the best massage I've ever had. Ana was lovely and so welcoming. The Indian head massage was next level. The amount of tension that has been released from my head is amazing. About to re book. Can't recommend this enough!
Louise Myra Barker
Louise Myra Barker
I’ve been embarking on Ana’s pioneering neuro rocking release therapy. It’s been incredible - I can literally feel my anxiety and stress disperse during the sessions. I feel better in myself and more grounded. Not experienced anything like this before, Ana is a real healer, highly recommend!
Radka Skodova
Radka Skodova
Great experience! Really enjoyed the relaxing benefits of neurorocking treatment. I felt renewed and more in touch with my own body. It had a releasing effect on my lower back.
Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn
Ana is a God send, I have previously had wonderful massage sessions with her then mentioned the pain I was experiencing in my arthritic knees, she suggested acupuncture, so I thought why not! The first session I had completely removed all pain from my knees, I have just had my second, to ensure the pain stays away. All this with a smile, a laugh and a lot of learning on my part. Thank you Ana

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