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Neuro Rocking Release Therapy™ CPD Training

NRRT™ stands as a gentle form of bodywork, employing bilateral brain stimulation to reset the central nervous system (CNS) by harmonising responses from the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems (P-SNS). Rooted in extensive clinical practice, observation, modern neuroscience, Gestalt psychotherapy, and ancient Japanese and Indian bodywork techniques known for their nervous system soothing properties, NRRT™ offers profound effects for individuals grappling with elevated stress levels, PTSD, CPTSD, chronic pain, emotional dysregulation, sleep disorders, and conditions exacerbated by stress-induced sympathetic nervous system overload, triggering fight/flight/freeze/friend responses.


No specialised equipment, oils, needles, or overheads are necessary to administer Neuro Rocking Release Therapy—only your hands, knowledge, willingness to aid, and capacity to hold space for the recipient of the technique.


We warmly invite the NRRT family to continue expanding! This method holds relevance for its non-invasiveness, gentle approach to healing in contrast to more forceful methods, and its precise targeting of trauma’s locus: the body and its nervous system. Come join us as we strive to extend our reach and positively impact more lives!

Course Description

The course structure is as follows:

In total, the course spans 20 hours distributed over 6 months for optimal convenience.

Key Points

Detailed Course Description

In-Person Session One – 5 hours: Dive into the fascinating realm of rocking and its myriad benefits.

In-Person Session Two – 5 hours: Embrace a session focused on honing your skills through practical application.

Live Online Session Three – 2 hours: Equip yourself with the tools needed to embark on real-world practice with clients.

  • Establish case studies, comprising two sets of three sessions each.
    • Clarify the purpose of outcome measure questionnaires.
    • Discuss the role of case studies in building a research database.
  • Delve into the business side of NRRT™:
    • Determine appropriate pricing strategies.
    • Strategize the promotion of NRRT™ within your practice, utilising feedback and course photos.
    • Explore professional certification and discounted insurance options with the CTAA, including a free directory listing.
  • Conclude Session Three and provide an opportunity for questions.

Sessions Four through Eight: Ongoing Support for Your Learning Journey.

What to bring?
Who can attend?

If you aspire to attain certification as an NRRT™ practitioner

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What our visitors Say

Linda MacFarlane
Linda MacFarlane
Ana is not only an absolute massage guru, but she has a beautiful and welcoming presence. One of the best massages I've had. She's so knowledgeable, and thorough, explaining what my issue was, and working to alleviate some of my pain. I'll most definitely be back again soon. Thanks Ana! 😊
Martin Simpson
Martin Simpson
There is no doubt Ana has some magic in her hands. I have had a few muscle and nerve issues, Ana takes her time to really understand your problems and find the most appropriate treatment to get you back to full health. You can tell Ana really cares about her clients wellbeing and their healing. I trust her and that is an important thing for me.
Jie Rao
Jie Rao
Ana is so good at acupuncture and she helped me survived with my study life. I was born in a city where acupuncture and herbal medicine are the common practice when people get sick. I know it is effective and has minimum side effects towards health. So I tried with Ana and it turned out that Ana is really good! She cared about all my symptoms, which gone fast after the treatment. On top of that, she explains and communicates very well, which is rare to see. It was luck for me to have her!
Steve Page
Steve Page
I hurt my hip lifting logs. After two weeks the pain was showing no sign of reducing and was getting me down. I was able to book a session with Ana within a few days. Ana took a thorough history and then proceeded with acupuncture treatment. After the first session the pain reduced significantly and with two further sessions it is now almost gone. Ana was kind, informative and professional throughout. I recommend Ana very highly.
Isha Fois
Isha Fois
Ana’s session was really beautiful. Ana made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The rocking movement brought a lot of harmony and positive childhood memories came to me. I felt very well and energised after the session. Really recommended for rebalancing and coming back to yourself.
Sophie Lane
Sophie Lane
Probably the best massage I've ever had. Ana was lovely and so welcoming. The Indian head massage was next level. The amount of tension that has been released from my head is amazing. About to re book. Can't recommend this enough!
Louise Myra Barker
Louise Myra Barker
I’ve been embarking on Ana’s pioneering neuro rocking release therapy. It’s been incredible - I can literally feel my anxiety and stress disperse during the sessions. I feel better in myself and more grounded. Not experienced anything like this before, Ana is a real healer, highly recommend!
Radka Skodova
Radka Skodova
Great experience! Really enjoyed the relaxing benefits of neurorocking treatment. I felt renewed and more in touch with my own body. It had a releasing effect on my lower back.
Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn
Ana is a God send, I have previously had wonderful massage sessions with her then mentioned the pain I was experiencing in my arthritic knees, she suggested acupuncture, so I thought why not! The first session I had completely removed all pain from my knees, I have just had my second, to ensure the pain stays away. All this with a smile, a laugh and a lot of learning on my part. Thank you Ana

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