When Neuroscience Meets Spirituality – Neuro Rocking Release Therapy (NRRT)

The enteroceptor nerves receive information from within the body, especially from organs. This organic intelligence is well known in Chinese medicine; they say that each organ has a Mind or Spirit, a voice, a message.



Enteroception gives us insight into how and what we are feeling. When asked how you are feeling or how you are, you might say things like “I have been feeling cold all day today” or I’m tired/energised or I feel bloated or my ovaries feel sore from PMS… We can also feel it when we need the loo, when we are nervous, when we feel tightness in the chest or feel peaceful and so on…


It is via the enteroceptor messaging system that we can connect with deep core stillness within ourselves and this is achieved in NRRT by creating a gentle oscillation, a rocking motion which travels like waves through the tissues and the fluids of the body, freeing them from stagnation and encouraging detoxification. This is important because fluids hydrate and lubricate fascia, joints, skin, hair, intestines, brain and pretty much everything and when fluids get stuck, one might feel muscle pain, tiredness, lethargic, painful periods, swelling of limbs, bloatedness and so on.  


These waves created by the NRRT touch and soothe every corner of our insides and when the NRRT therapist stops feeding the motion, the waves slowly start to quiet. There’s no more movement, only the internal ripples, like an echo or the sound of a bell furthering away in the distance… until everything comes to complete stillness and the receiver finds a deep sense of peace. 


We use what we call “Silence”. A Silence in NRRT, as explained above, is when the giver stops any input and witnesses, in loving presence, how the receiver’s body stops moving slowly and naturally. This allows the receiver to submerge into enteroception, listening inwards to then rediscover silence, stillness and inner peace. We use the Silence technique several times throughout the protocol, reminding the receiver of what stillness feels like so that they can connect to such state on their own time and place without our help. It also augments their capacity to connect with how they are feeling in their body, something that we don’t tend to do much if we lead busy, stressful lives which leads us to not being in touch with our bodies unless they hurt.


NRRT helps us embody our body, our insides, come into presence with it. Why is this relevant and needed? Because we’ve been programmed to seek information from external sources. We, as a society, have become disconnected (and anxious) from who/what/how we are. The fast lane of the hamster wheel keeps us from looking inwards. We go to doctors to cure us, we turn to external religious figures to sooth our spirit, we are constantly entertained by social media, we hire a life coach instead of finding our own inner coach… We always want something/someone external to validate us and tell us what/who/how we are.


But this isn’t our fault. The education system has been the same since it was widened to all of the social classes in the times of the Industrial Revolution. The education centres were focused on creating a mass work force, no more and no less, one that would follow instructions. Not much has changed since unfortunately. The root nature of the education system is still that of producing quiet soldiers that look outwards for direction.


Being in touch with our true selves and with how WE feel helps us making the right choices for ourselves as unique individuals but also for the greater good of the people and circumstances that surround us. This is highly enriching for the evolution of societies and innovation. We need diversity of thinking in order to grow as a collective and individually. 


Knowing who we are, honouring it and using our critical thinking is probably the most revolutionary act these days and being able to access gentle reminders such as the NRRT and other embodiment disciplines is a good starting point.


If you feel you need to ground, clear the cluttered mind, relieve chronic pain, anxiety, anger, do not hesitate to get in touch. At the moment only I practice the NRRT but I am teaching the protocol to other therapists of Yorkshire and in the future the course will be offered online too so that it can reach far and wide and touch more bodies and more hearts. Keep your eyes open as I will be announcing the new NRRT practitioners as they complete the course, case studies and certification.


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Be well.


Ana Guerrero.

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