The Most Effective Acupressure Points To Relieve Flu And Common Cold Symptoms

I remember when I was studying my degree in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, I visited my family in Spain and my niece had a terrible mucus congestion which had prevented the whole household from having a good night’s sleep because she coughed and coughed through the night. At bedtime, I sat next to her and massaged LU7 on both wrists, for 3-5 minutes. That was the first night everyone slept in that house… in nearly two weeks! They thought Auntie Ana was a magician! I showed my sister how to do it and she continued applying the 1-point treatment to her daughter for the following few days with great results.


Toddlers respond VERY WELL to acupressure; their Qi has full force because it hasn’t been damaged by age, poor diet, consumption of substances or alcohol and so on. They are humans in their purest form, before the disruption of adult life has taken it’s toll. That means that they are great examples of how quickly and easily the body can self-heal and self-regulate, as beautifully demonstrated by my niece.


A treatment I love using at my clinic to alleviate the symptoms of a common cold (as well as some seasonal allergies) are:



LI4* Our Great Eliminator; named for its ability to clear out of our systems elements that do not serve us or support vitality. Great for removing toxins and viruses, for sore throat and to boost the immune system.


Found: between the 1st and 2nd metacarpals, on the radial aspect of the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone, at the highest spot of the muscle when the thumb and index fingers are brought close together.


* Contraindications in pregnancy: avoid LI4 as this is a labour-inducing point.


LI20 Welcome Fragrance; opening up the nasal cavities and relieving nasal and sinus congestion and mucus, allowing the recipient to regain the ability to breathe normally (and thus, smell normally, welcoming back fragrance!)


Found: at the side of the nose, level with the middle of the ala nasi – the round flared edge of the nostril.





KID27 Shu Mansion helps distribute air to the lungs and throughout the rest of the body. When this isn’t working correctly, with shortness of breath and/or cough, we can feel fatigued because our bodies are not adequately oxygenated. This is a great immune boosting point and multitasks for persistent cough, phlegm, and shortness of breath.


Found: below the clavicle, near the sternum, use the fingers, to locate a small depression.




LU7 Broken Sequence is one of the most vital points in ancient TCM texts because the lungs are the first line of defence for the immune system against pathogens that enter the body. This point opens up the chest and is ideal for mucus, phlegm and cough.


Found: 2 forefinger widths along from the final crease of the wrist in a depression between the two tendons.


ST36 Leg Three Miles (a point believed to have been used by Chinese soldiers to allow them to march an additional three miles) fortifies the whole body (not just the legs!) to boost the immune system and help with heaviness and tiredness.


Found: on the anterior tibia muscle 4 forefinger widths from the knee.




LI11 Pool at the Bend is known to clear heat, cool blood and regulate qi, making it idea for treatment of fever.


Found: On the lateral side of the cubital crease when the elbow is close to full flexion.






BL2 Gathered Bamboo is great for relieving the pressure endured with sinus headaches.


Found: at the medial end of the eyebrow, on the supraorbital notch.


Depending on your specific symptoms, you can choose among the above points. Don’t forget to add at least 1 of the immune boosting points!


You do not need to do all of those points and, as you might have noticed, some of the suggested points do more than one thing which makes them a great choice and simplifies the treatment!


It is best to do this treatment on the onset of the first symptoms of a cold. It really works then! If you do it, let’s say on day 7 of your cold, the results might not be as potent but you will still find it beneficial. You will have to be more persistent in the frequency of treatment too.

How? Massage each point (bilaterally when possible) for around 3 minutes each. The whole treatment should last around 15 minutes but it depends on the amount of symptoms you want to get rid.


If you would like to apply acupressure for seasonal or pet fur allergies, watch this video. I have used this treatment on sceptical clients and they were blown away. Oh… do I love it when this happens!


Be well,


Ana Guerrero

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